London Design Biennale 01 - 27 June 2021

London Design Biennale is a global gathering of the world’s most ambitious and imaginative designers, curators and design institutes. Es Devlin is Artistic Director and has chosen Resonance as the theme, which countries, cities and territories will respond to in their installations and presentations across Somerset House, London.

"I use combinations of sound treatments from multiple loudspeakers to create new sounds in the 3D listening space to immerse us in a moving textured sonic canvas without intrusive hardware or headphones. Like the different textures in a forest that can be enjoyed from different perspectives there’s no ‘right’ way to view it, you need to discover with your ears. To fully experience the worlds I’ve created I encourage people to move around, explore the sound."

Marco Perry Sound - London Design Biennale

"One woman said to me that it was ‘like looking at the contents of my head’, so there is a potential there for these experiences to be profound.""

Report: New adventures in immersive audio (Installation magazine)

London Design Biennale 2021
Marco Perry Sound at London Design BiennaleMarco Perry Sound at London Design Biennale
Marco Perry Sound at London Design Biennale
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