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Immersive Audio Ltd saw the future as "Evangelists" and "Sonic pioneers", delivering recorded and live ground breaking immersive audio experiences both indoors and outdoors globally since 2009.

Boris Grebenschikov ‘House of All Saints’ - exclusive Dolby Atmos mix

Boris Grebenschikov ‘House of All Saints’ album coverBoris GrebenschikovMarco Perry has mixed the entire latest album from this legendary Russian artist for a special Dolby Atmos release.
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"I would say that, in the last few years in particular, there has been [an increased awareness of the need] to develop these more memorable experiences, and the role that new technologies can play." With price-points of VR headsets and immersive audio systems also becoming more attractive, it’s a "step that a lot of organisations are now willing to take… They recognise that they have to attract and retain interest in different ways."

Marco Perry in Report: New adventures in immersive audio (Installation magazine)

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